Setup Your C2R Digital Wallet

For First-time User

Setup Instructions :

Step 1: Open : Chrome Web Store  or  Firefox Store 
Step 2: Search C2R wallet and add the extension to the Chrome browser
Step 3: Click on the ‘Create a Wallet’ button
Step 4: Copy the generated seed phrase and keep it safe
Step 5: Click on ‘Open your new wallet’
Step 6: Click on copy to clipboard icon and copy the wallet address
Step 7: Put the above-generated wallet address in the checkout form
Step 8: Start receiving the NFTs, Tokens, and Cryptos in the C2R wallet
FOR Recurring User

Setup Instructions :

Step 1: Open the C2R Wallet extension
Step 2: Click on the ‘Sign in with seed Phrase’ button
Step 3: Enter your seed phrase and click on ‘Recover wallet’ button
Step 4: Now you can see all your assets like NFTs, Tokens, and Cryptos, etc in C2R Wallet

Note :

1. Don’t forget to save your seed phrase, if it is lost, you will lose all your assets, and the team will not be responsible for it.
2. Select the appropriate blockchain from the top like Polygon or Ethereum for viewing NFTs, Cryptos, Tokens, etc.



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