C2R Dharma Mangrove Forest

About Project

At C2R Dharma Mangrove Forest, we’re dedicated to preserving the Sundarban, one of the world’s most precious ecosystems. As a part of Go Dharmic’s ongoing mission since 2019, we focus on strategic mangrove plantation projects to safeguard this ecological gem. Our goal is ambitious: to plant over 2 million mangroves, fortifying the Sundarban against the impacts of climate change.

But we’re not just planting trees; we’re restoring a vibrant ecosystem, sequestering carbon, reducing pollution, and protecting biodiversity. Our work isn’t just environmental; it’s about supporting communities, creating sustainable livelihoods, and raising awareness. We’re dedicated to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring a better, greener future for the Sundarban and its people.

Challenges & Solutions

Our mission to preserve the Sundarban faces multifaceted challenges stemming from escalating environmental vulnerabilities, including the heightened frequency of cyclones and rising sea levels due to climate change. The delicate balance between economic stability and ecological preservation adds complexity to our endeavors.

To surmount these challenges, we’ve devised holistic strategies. Firstly, we focus on community resilience, empowering local populations to effectively combat and adapt to environmental adversities. Secondly, our strategic plantation efforts involve meticulous mangrove planting plans in vulnerable regions, strengthening the natural defense of the Sundarban. Lastly, our commitment extends to education and awareness initiatives, equipping communities with the knowledge and tools necessary for sustainable living and resource management.

Through these solutions, we’re unwavering in our dedication to safeguarding the Sundarban, ensuring its resilience against environmental pressures while simultaneously fostering the livelihoods of its inhabitants.


The C2R Dharma Mangrove Forest initiative has yielded remarkable outcomes that extend far beyond the scope of ecological conservation. Our strategic efforts to restore and protect the delicate Sundarban ecosystem have contributed to tangible and sustainable changes in the region. Through the dedicated planting and nurturing of mangrove saplings, we’ve not only preserved biodiversity but also enhanced the region’s overall resilience to climate change, notably reducing the impact of cyclones and floods on coastal communities. Moreover, our carbon sequestration initiatives have made substantial strides in mitigating global pollution, aligning with broader climate action goals.

Furthermore, our commitment to community engagement has fostered sustainable livelihoods for over 500 coastal communities, thereby promoting economic stability and growth. We’ve actively created awareness and provided training, particularly benefiting women and youth, who have gained new skills and financial independence through mangrove plantation initiatives. As we forge ahead, this symphonic union of nature, societal needs, and economic growth underlines our dedication to ensuring the enduring prosperity of the Sundarban, safeguarding it for current and future generations.

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