C2R Sandalwood Forest

About Project

The C2R Sandalwood Forest project embodies environmental sustainability through strategic carbon sequestration, fostering a cleaner and healthier ecosystem. Offering ownership of red sandalwood plants renowned for their medicinal uses and carbon sequestration benefits, our initiative contributes to species conservation. Our expansive 230-acre forest development not only creates community and employment opportunities but also fuels socio-economic growth. Anticipate an 8% or higher ROI after 13 years. Enjoy secure ownership through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on a blockchain platform, with a 3-year buy-back option for added flexibility. Our 12-year Asset Under Management (AUM) service guarantees meticulous asset care, aligned with sustainable objectives. Join us in crafting a greener future, vibrant communities, and enticing investment horizons.

Asset Under Management & Returns

Your investment in the C2R Sandalwood Forest project ensures a comprehensive approach to value preservation and growth. With ownership of red sandalwood plants guaranteed through NFT over Blockchain, you have a tangible stake in biodiversity conservation. Our buy-back support, available after a 3-year locking period, enhances your investment’s security and flexibility. Further, our Asset Under Management (AUM) service, maintained throughout the 3-year locking period, assures meticulous care of your assets, aligning seamlessly with the project’s sustainable goals. Anticipate a rewarding future, with an impressive 8% or higher ROI upon harvesting after a span of 13 years, solidifying your contribution to a greener and prosperous world.

Challenges & Solutions

In the face of various challenges, the C2R Sandalwood Forest initiative not only persists but flourishes through strategic endeavors. These encompass the restoration of natural habitats, embracing the adoption of green energy practices, and the establishment of sustainable livelihoods. These actions collectively guarantee the preservation of biodiversity, a vital mission that contributes to the protection of varied ecosystems. Additionally, the project actively reduces harmful emissions, marking a substantial stride towards mitigating environmental impact. The endeavor extends its benefits beyond ecological aspects, striving to enhance the overall well-being of the local community. This holistic approach emphasizes a balanced harmony between nature, society, and the economy. As we navigate these transformative pathways toward a more harmonious and resilient future, we extend an invitation to you to join us. By becoming part of this journey, you’re embracing a role as an environmental steward, making a tangible and lasting impact.


The C2R Sandalwood Forest project brings forth a multi-faceted array of favorable outcomes, intricately woven together to create a tapestry of positive change. Central to this effort is the prioritization of biodiversity, a step that holds the potential to breathe life into fragile ecosystems. The project’s commitment to carbon sequestration and the adoption of renewable energy practices further contributes to the overall enhancement of environmental well-being. Equally significant is the endeavor’s dedication to empowering local communities through the establishment of sustainable livelihoods. This empowerment not only fosters shared prosperity within these communities but also aligns seamlessly with the overarching mission of conservation. In essence, the project is dedicated to building enduring and sustainable legacies that extend their benefits across generations, ensuring a legacy of ecological vitality and social well-being for the future.

The C2R Sandalwood Forest Project stands resolutely as a testament to our unyielding commitment. It emerges as a beacon of hope, illustrating the tangible outcomes born from the fusion of environmental preservation and sustainable practices. Through its meticulous execution, the project brings forth a range of affirmative impacts, breathing vitality into biodiversity, effectively curbing carbon levels, and elevating community well-being. This endeavor’s influence isn’t confined by boundaries; its success resonates globally, inspiring and catalyzing kindred initiatives. Together, these endeavors weave a collective fabric of positive change, nurturing a verdant and prosperous planet for both current and forthcoming generations.

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